We set the goal to develop a local Hub for btob collaboration and to share technologies and knowledge.

We work in the field of advanced manufacturing which is one of the most profitable businesses for Lombardy. Indeed, our region has one-fifth of the total number of manufacturing companies in Italy and an overall sector’s revenue of euro 250 billion.

The manufacturing industry is going to change based on the key concepts of the 4.0. industrial revolution: digital transformation, new systems, collaborative robots and virtual process to improve the production.

What is the worker’s role in the 4.0 industry?

HUMANS Hub wants to promote the human-centered culture on the 4.0 industry to the stakeholders and to the local MPMI system.

The goal is to improve the role of the person in the workplace by focusing on the problems and needs that the human has in the production system. The human-machine interaction is the main topic of our research: the data sharing techniques and strategies and adaptive machine learning.

We envision labs as instruments to improve skills, and to share experiences and the best practices to achieve the improvement in productivity and wellness in the workplace.

Through the activity of research and development, supported by a group of companies and researches institutes, we aim at creating and developing new devices, components, machines, and possible ways to control the factory’s informatics system which is progressive and adaptive.